You need a system that allows you to buy and sell flowers.
It has to be simple, user friendly and fast. We can help.

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Komet Sales Flower System

It’s never too late to make the right choice. We can set you up in no time!



Processing and maintaining recurring and one time sales has never been so easy, and the process can even be automated.



Enjoy direct communication with your vendors and see the progress of the fulfillment of your orders through our Vendor Portal.


Inventory Management

Keeping track of what you currently have on hand and identifying different types of inventory are just some of the ways Komet Sales simplifies this daily task.



Offering convenience to your customers can be achieved through our Ecommerce feature as it allows them to buy from your on hand inventory 24/7.


Business Intelligence

This optimum feature facilitates decision making as nothing helps you more when deciding than information readily available at the click of a button. Generate reports, review statistical information, and more.


System Integrations

Knowing what the industry needs keeps us ahead, and that’s why Komet Sales is integrated with shippers, distributors, as well as any other system through API so that you can easily share information from your Komet account with other systems.


How Komet Sales makes your life simple

Are you ready to start?


Komet Sales allows vendors to be easily involved in the daily processes of any company through the Vendor Portal. Adding all the flexibility needed to efficiently manage a company that doesn’t just commercializes flowers but also grows them.


Komet Sales allows importers to centralize their daily operations, and provides features that make daily tasks easier to do and in a more efficient manner.


Through Komet Sales wholesalers can manage both vendor and customer activities. Besides convenience, our system’s features are adaptable to your specific operation.

Some customers who have made their life simple

Amerilink International
Follajes La Ilusion
Midwest Blooms
Pinnacle Flowers
Sole Farms
Valley Springs
Wafex USA

Plans & Pricing



Per month
2 Users
All features
4 hours setup & training **


Per month
5 Users
All features
8 hours setup & training **


Per month
10 Users
All features
12 hours setup & training **


Per month
15 Users
All features
16 hours setup & training **


Per month
20 Users*
All features
20 hours setup & training **

** Required setup and training is not included with the monthly subscription.

Additional Items

E-commerce Add $20 / Komet plan user / month (5 user minimum)
Additional Users (only available for Enterprise subscribers)* $50.00 / user / month
Setup / Training Sessions via GoToMeeting $90.00 / hour
On Site Training Sessions (6 hrs) with a Komet Master $1,000.00 / day
Advanced Data Migration (Ship To’s, Standing Orders, Days of Service, Contacts and other) Per Project

Meet our team

Alejandro Perez

CEO/CHO (Chief Happiness Officer)

I’m a passionate, creative and self-motivated individual who is absolutely crazy about technology and loves to experiment with it on a daily basis. I also love learning from people (everyone is a teacher), the outdoors and most of all having fun with my wife and kids!

Daniel Giraldo

Team Leader

I’m a Computer Engineer since 2007 and started to work for Vertical Technologies in 2009. I like software development, but being a team leader and helping them grow is one of the things I enjoy the most. I like sports in general, specially soccer.


David Osorio

Analyst Developer

I started working for the company on April 16th of 2011 as technical support and after 8 months I got promoted to Analyst Developer, which is my current job. I’m known for being very easy going and also because I run the office’s candy shop.

Diego Garcia

Senior Researcher

I have been working as an Engineer for about 7 years and I have always felt passionate about software development, from the initial concept of the idea all the way to the final product. I love reading and experimenting with new technologies.

Pablo Robles

Analyst Developer

I love being challenged because it pushes us to exceed our limits allowing us to grow as human beings and professionals.

Guillermo Rodas

Chief Innovation Officer

My favorite movie is Memento, I’m passionate about software programming and psytrance. I prefer to look at the funny side of life and enjoy it as much as I can. I love creativity, best practices and new technologies.

Johan Hidalgo

Analyst Developer

I’m passionate for everything that’s technology related and I like to read the latest news in order to be up-to-date with everything that’s going on. I’m a music fan, I can’t live without it being a part of my daily activities. I love animals and nature, and enjoy spending time with my friends.

Catalina Correa

Financial Manager

I’m responsible for providing financial advice and support for the decision making process regarding the business. I’m friendly and kind, since I’ve been working for Komet I have become more flexible in terms of my working environment. I love yoga and Dogs.

Francisco Perez

Performance Guru

I started working for the company on February 18th of 2013 as an Analyst Developer. I like web development, business intelligence and mobile apps development. I’m happily married and enjoy motorcycle rides with my wife.

Cristian Granada

Analyst Developer

I consider myself a reliable person. I try to see the comical side of every situation as I believe complaining doesn’t really help much. I love what I do and the path I chose for my life, I don’t like things half way done and I’m always looking for improvement in every way.

Oscar Garcia

Integration Specialist

I’m a Computer Engineer with more than 7 years of experience in all phases of the lifecycle of information systems, especially for web applications built in Java for the banking and finance sector.

George Velez

Solutions Facilitator

I am a very caring and responsible person. I like to seek out opportunities that allow me to grow and help others along the way. I have an eager mind to keep learning and never avoid challenges. I love animals and to travel!

Pedro Leon Rueda

Analyst Developer

I am a food and traveling lover, also very passionate about embedded systems and programing. I am motivated by learning because I´m a curious person and a fan of challenges. I constantly search for new cultures languages and types of people.

Luisa Quiroz

Quality Assurance Analyst

Animals are my passion and biggest love, every day I try to promote awareness on loving and taking care of them to those people that surround me . My biggest happiness comes from knowing that they are happy.

Juan Diego Molina


I’m very committed to my family and to the continuous learning. In my free time, I enjoy playing football, reading and sharing time with my daughter. I love technology and developing software.

Manuel Leudo


I’m a System Engineer from the “Universidad Nacional” and I’m very interested in the front end web development.  I consider myself a very calm person and I enjoy meeting new people and learning from them. I love dancing.

Andres Lozano


I am a young dreamer looking forward to advance more every day. I am passionate about music, technology and specially about being a happy person. I like to play the guitar because when I feel its notes I make of myself a better person.

Sebastian Salinas


I am a young man with the soul of a child. For me the most important thing in life is to be happy and I’m still impressed by small things. You can always find in me a smile and a positive answer. I am thirsty for knowledge and enjoy adrenaline.

Santiago Moreno

Happiness Developer

I’m a fan of music, technology and knowledge; I try to enjoy every moment as if it was the last because after all nothing exists besides the present. I like reading, weight lifting and playing my 7 musical instruments on my free time.

Alejandro Diaz

Bonsai Officer

I’m a man with a strange sense of humor. I like reading, cats and bonsai trees. I’m very curious, that’s why I love to learn, especially about software development, plants and business.


Javier Barraza


I’m a go getter, I have the conviction that I can change the world with my ideas; passionate for technology and innovation. I’m a lover of martial arts and an ex tae kwon do fighter.  I like to travel and enjoy other cultures, watch anime and read horror books.

Maria Sanchez


I am disciplined in everything I do, I like challenges and love to learn new things that add positive value to my life. I love hockey. I like cats, going to the gym and dancing; love to travel and enjoy nature.


John Fredy Usma

Analyst Developer

I am a very happy, easy going and disciplined person. I enjoy learning the use of new technologies. I like to read, being up to date on what’s going on in the world, traveling and discovering new places.
I’m a fan of soccer, speed and adrenaline. I’m a believer that we only live once and there are no re-runs; therefore, I live mine my way.

Tatiana Garcia

Business & Commercial Relationship Manager

I am a positive, friendly and proactive individual who loves meeting new people and learning new things. I love travelling and learning about cultures, socializing and reading. I am passionate about technology and love dealing with people and building relationships.”Live a life true to yourself and not the life others expect of you, you only live once”.

Alexandra Florez

Customer Service Expert

I’m a music lover, happy, patient and friendly. I enjoy learning new things and meeting new people from different places in the world. I believe that everything is possible in life if we work hard to get it. “Life is a roller coaster, you just gotta ride it”.

Julián Herrera

Happiest Gamer

I am a person who loves technology and software. I feel passion for innovation and creativity. My happiness lies in enjoying life to the fullest and enjoying every moment with the people I love. I am curious and like to question things as I always want to give the best of me. “Believe in yourself and you will realize that everything is possible”.


Alejandro Yarce

Analyst Developer

I’m passionate about technology, music, robotics and development. I like to do things right and enjoy everything I do. I do whatever I can to spend time with my son. “Without blasphemy, I believe software development is like being God as you can create whatever you want and that is being unique”.

Camilo Ramirez

Analyst Developer
Camilo R

I’m quite interested in information analysis and finding meaning in large volumes of data. I am a Software Developer, proud to turn ideas into code and make them tangible. I like studying and putting into practice what I learn constantly. “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”.



Alejandro Villegas

Coffee Developer

Information Technology Engineer. Developer by passion, addicted to reading and dancing. In my free time I enjoy reading a good book and a good cup of coffee. The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled”.




Juan Santiago Arango

Drummer Developer
Juan Santiago2

I’m passionate about strategy and action games, I’m a noble and humble person with big learning capacities. I’m resourceful and very curious. I like good cinema and theater. “If you ever feel as if life is saying no, it’s simply asking you to be patient and wait”.


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