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3 Tips to Improve Your Komet Experience

Are you currently using our Knowledge Base for your daily inquiries regarding all of our system’s processes? Here, you can find all detailed documentation for all of our updates and features that add value to your business. Besides being able to use our fully documented processes as a guide, you are able to learn more about the system and how it operates with our glossary, give your feedback on the help you’re getting from our documents and how to optimize your search for an easier and faster access to our Knowledge Base.

Using Our Glossary

Understanding the system’s terminology is quite simple with the help of our glossary. Find the meaning and use we give to each term by using the search shown below. You may filter your search by domain and by language or also, when browsing through a Knowledge Base article, you’re able to highlight an unknown term and click on the glossary icon for a quick definition. 

What happens if you didn’t find the word you needed? You can also propose some new terms to be included in our glossary by using the button on the upper right-hand corner. These proposals will be reviewed by our technical writer and if they’re approved, the status will be updated and the term will be documented.



Give Us Your Feedback

Since the whole purpose of our Knowledge Base is to keep our customers up to date and help with your daily processes, your feedback is of great importance to us. That’s why every article has an option where you can let us know if the document was helpful. By submitting your response, you’ll also be able to provide a comment as to how we can improve our process and our team will get working on it right away.  

Optimize Your Search

Because we have tons of documents for your use, it’s important that we help you find the ones you need faster. That’s why, when using our search bar on the upper right hand corner to look for certain processes, you can filter by language and space you wish to find your results in (page, document, etc).

Search Optimization


Our Knowledge Base is constantly being updated with our latest features and processes to help make your life simple. Use these tips to take advantage of all it has to offer and contact us for any further information or suggestions you may have. 

Written by Maria Delgado.