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4 Common Scenarios For Komet Floral Importers

To reach maximum optimization of your regular workflow and make simpler all the processes for your employees, you can use the following scenarios to improve your operations:

1. How to apply discounts

Discounts are a great way to get your customer attention, especially when it’s a holiday season. Everyone wants to buy as much as possible with the lowest price. Check the information inside our Knowledge Base to find out more details.

Remember, you can apply discounts to products such as:

  • Hardgoods: just go to the Order Entry tab and click on the Add Order option, select Add Items. Once you are in the Inventory window, go to the Hard Goods section and enter the discount percentage you want to apply to the products you select. Click here to review all the steps.
  • Line Items & Invoice Orders: Komet allows you to apply discounts to line items within new invoices as well as pre-existing ones, one by one or in a massive way. Just learn how to do it by reading this Knowledge Base article.

2. How to offer more variety of products

Your business success resides in the variety of products you can offer to your customers, that’s why, in Komet, you can offer all the products you want, just like:

  • Recipes: follow these simple steps to create all kinds of recipes to reach different types of customers: Getting Started with Recipes.
  • Hard Goods: add extra value to your products by offering hard goods to complement your customers’ purchase experience. Read this article to learn how to add hard goods to your inventory: Hard Goods Inventory and Pricing.

3. How to automate all your processes

You should take a look at our blog post No More Floral Manual Processes, Automate Them! So you will learn how to use Komet to simplify all your processes.

Remember that there is always a better way to improve your operations! Here you have some strategies you can implement to reach that goal:

  • Create a digital marketing campaign to get new leads instead of calling or visit them.
  • Use your own E-commerce platform with Komet Sales to allow your customers to buy your flowers anywhere in the world.
  • Generate Standing Orders to automate the frequent requests from your customers.

4. How to expand your business network

The growth of your company depends on different factors, such as:

  • How many leads you become on customers.
  • How much you can sell monthly.
  • What channels you use to connect with other people in the industry.
  • How many commercial partners you have.

To resolve that last issue we have developed a great tool to help you increase your commercial partners number. Whenever you feel is the moment to establish a new partnership (doesn’t matter if you are looking for customers, allies or vendors) you can take a look at our company directory, which is a complete database of the companies who are innovating in the floral industry with us.

If you have any questions about the system and how it works, or if you have an special requirement, you can write us at or contact us at +1 (786) 206-0554. Also, you can review our FAQ’s page for further information.

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