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Adding Notes to Standing Order / Prebook Items

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On Friday we deployed a new version that allows you to enter comments on a per item level on both Prebooks and Standing Orders. This is extremely useful for combo or assorted boxes where the customer expects to receive a specific breakdown. It also makes it easy for the farms to follow the instructions since the item notes are printed under each line item in the Purchase Orders.


How to add notes

After you have created a new Prebook or Standing Order and you’re ready to add items you’ll notice a new “Add Notes” link that’s located under the Product text box. When you click on this link a large text area is opened where you can enter the notes / breakdown. Items that have notes will display a yellow “comment” icon like this:


How farms view the notes in the PO’s

Once the farms receive the PO’s they’ll get to see the notes (breakdown, colors, or any note that you entered) underneath each product. This makes it easier for the farms to keep track of the specific requirements set by your customers.


This new feature will allow you to save detailed information on a per item level helping you and your vendors supply the products specifically requested by your customers.


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