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Anticipate the Market with our Latest Features

In order to meet the market needs and upgrade your business with the best, we added the future sales feature. This functionality can help you improve your sales department’s performance and your inventory management by allowing your sales people to sell the products that will be arriving in the future.

The process starts with a purchase order which is not linked to a prebook, the farm has to confirm the PO as usual, but this time once the farm has confirmed the items they will go right into your future inventory where they can be sold to your customers way before they arrive to your warehouse.


Now you can work on your long term sales planning thanks to the Future Sales feature. For example, think about Valentine’s day and all the things you need to get ready to attend your market, wouldn’t be great if you had everything arranged at least 30 days before? In order to efficiently manage this operation and help your business reach optimal inventory levels we have provided you with this functionality. Lets say that based on your valentine’s day sales forecast you might need a determined quantity of roses, by using future sales you will be able to place a purchase order ahead in time in order to stock your inventory in the near future giving you the option of selling the products right after your grower confirms your PO. This operation will grant you precious time by giving your sales team a wider selling term to offer your future inventory to your customers.

Usually the inventory management requirements shifts as the business react to different environments, it works similarly for the floral industry, although there might be seasons a bit busier than others the task remain the same: get the best product at the right time, the indicated place and straight to the customer.

Add value to your company and stiffen your operations by integrating your sales forecast and inventory management with the future sales functionality.

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