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As Komet Keeps Evolving, Evolve With Us

Komet is a system designed to make your processes simple, traceable, secure and to provide this and more, we are constantly improving and developing new features to make the platform the perfect tool for you.

Improving and developing new features means evolving, that’s why we want you to evolve with us so that you can make the most out of each tool, feature and process of the system, becoming a Komet expert!

Processes in Komet

The system has 12 tabs that include different processes: Sales, Procurement, Logistics, and Accounting, which allows each of your users to manage their daily operations. Here we mention different facts about Komet and several processes you can manage through the system:

  1. Komet is not an e-commerce platform, its a system that manages all your operations in the floral industry and has a tool to sell online: the E-commerce.

  2. It is not an accounting system and is not installed on servers but in the cloud (cloud-based), which is why you can access the system from anywhere in the world, from any device.

  3. Komet connects you with your main allies in the industry and is designed to simplify the operations of Growers, Importers and Wholesalers.

  4. You can integrate the system with any third-party software, allowing you to send and receive information continuously and quickly from and to Komet.

  5. The system has Sales, Procurement, among other automated processes.

  6. Each user can speed up their daily tasks through keyboard shortcuts that allow them to access the necessary tools or tabs.

  7. There are different marks per product that keep the Sales and Procurement departments connected such as Tags, Work On, This Product Can’t Be Sourced, etc.


We work to improve, innovate and create new features because we want you to have all the necessary tools to manage your processes through the system. Also, we fully adapt the platform to your needs through custom developments. These are some of our latest releases:

  1. Delete Inventory by User: remove products from your inventory massively and keep your inventory updated at all times.

  2. Statuses for Prebooks: set up different statuses for your Prebooks, according to your team's operation, so that you can control the visibility of Prebooks on Sales and Procurement screens.

  3. Apply a Chargeback to a Payment: now the system allows to process a chargeback for invalid or failed payments, reopening all the invoices that were associated with the payment and creating a negative transaction.

  4. Un-allocate From Within Add Prebook: you can unallocate Prebook lines already billed either in boxes or units from the Add Prebook screen. The system will take the products back to the inventory and the Prebook will still be pending to be billed.

  5. Refunds: this option allows you to either refund Customer Credits or overpayments. Start taking advantage of this feature.

Special Features

In Komet, there are around 10 Special Features designed to make your life simpler, connect with your main allies in the industry, expand your sales channels and have more control over your inventory. Here we mention the most important ones:


A self-service portal that allows your customers to shop for flowers online 24/7, view their invoices, past purchases, pre-sale orders and account balance.

Business Intelligence

Dozens of customizable reports and dashboards allow your teams to have powerful tools to analyze your company data.

Komet to Komet

Reach connectivity like never before and expand your sales network! Komet to Komet allows key floral partners to be one step ahead of the game by sharing inventories between companies using Komet Sales.

Remote Printing

Speed up the printing process of the documents needed to deliver your customer’s flowers and connect the departments that are responsible for shipping on time: sales and warehouse.

Future Sales

Sell ​​those products that you ordered for a future date through all your sales channels and ensure the rotation of your inventory so that the flowers don’t remain stored in your warehouse.

Vendor Availability

By using a simple CSV file you can display, in real time, your vendor’s projected inventory so that they are available to be sold through Prebooks and E-commerce.


Don’t wait any longer to achieve operational efficiency and maximize your use of Komet with our Training Option! These trainings will help you to get the most out of the system, making the operations of all your users simpler.

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