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Attention All Komet Users: Change’s a-coming!

Hi Everyone!

We have amazing news! Komet is embarking in a brand new Customer Feedback journey that is sure to result in an amazing outcome for everyone!

As a user, are you tired of phoning in and giving your two cents about Komet with no reply? As of today, May 15th 2017, we are using a platform called UserVoice to collect, organize and process all of our user’s valuable feedback.

Basically what that means is that if you are a Komet User, you’ll be able to submit ideas, vote for existing requests and view trending submissions in our Feedback Community. All your input will be evaluated and will help us decide which improvements, adjustments or new features need to be worked on first!

Here’s How It Will Work

Feedback Submission:  A user will submit feedback either through the portal directly or by contacting our support team via email or phone call. All feedback will be recorded in our Feedback Community under the name of the user that requested it.

Feedback Voting: Once a feedback is up on the page any Komet user can go ahead and support the idea by voting on it.

Idea Exploring: Our leadership team will take into account the ideas that have received the most amount of votes, comments or interaction to decide which are the features or tweaks that the bulk of our community is requesting. This will be worked on first.

Idea Development: Once an idea/feedback is developed, we will be informing all the users who voted or interacted with the feedback about the development process and launch ETA if any.

Do you want to be a part of our evolution?


Submitting Ideas

  • Just go straight to our Feedback Community  to start logging your ideas, you’ll be automatically signed in with your Komet user and password information as only Komet users will be able to leave information.
  • When you are submitting the idea, the system will automatically suggest related feedback so that you can vote or add to an existing idea instead of creating a new one with the same topic.
  • You can also get to the portal from the Komet app at any time!

Voting on Ideas

  • Check out the ideas that have already been posted and vote on the ones you may be interested.
  • You can subscribe to receive notices about idea development even after they are closed for voting and are being explored.
  • If you want to add onto an existing idea just comment on it.

Recommended Practice

  • To get the most out of our new Feedback Community, it’s important for you to put a face to the name so it doesn’t seem as though a fake account was placing the information. To do so, create a Gravatar under your settings.

Our promise to you is that we will hear you and act on all your ideas. We want you to be active in our Feedback Community!


Submit New Ideas

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