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Changes on Armellini EDI

After talking with some of our customers we made a simply yet important change in the Armellini EDI process that will allow you to determine if you want to only send the outbound scanned boxes. Why is this change important? Because for customers that pull boxes using lots and send the EDI multiple times per day it will prevent scanning problems at the Armellini terminal.

So why’s this? It has to do with the way that Komet handles the logic that manages the lot picking and shipping. I’ll try to explain this in a very simple way.

Let’s assume that you have 10 boxes of White Poms in your cooler that are from the same farm, same pack, same everything. These 10 boxes will have the same lot number but individual box numbers.

A salesperson creates a new order and sells 4 of these boxes to any given customer. The system then automatically pulls 4 of these box numbers and associates them to the order. Keep in mind that the system will take any 4 boxes from the same lot number. For this example let’s assume that the system used boxes 100, 101, 102 and 103.

If the warehouse personnel send the EDI at this point the system will send the 4 boxes in yellow to Armellini. This basically tells the Armellini system that the four boxes that will be delivered to their terminal are numbers 100, 101, 102 and 103 (these box numbers are represented in the barcode that’s on the labels).

Now let’s assume that the order was given to the warehouse personnel so that they can pull the boxes from the cooler. The pickers simply go into the cooler and search for 4 boxes that belong to lot 250. For efficiency purposes they don’t use the box number but rather the lot number to pull the boxes since any one box from the same lot is good enough to fulfill the order. In this example the pickers pulled the boxes in green.

Please note that boxes 102 and 103 coincidentally matched the box numbers that were automatically assigned to the order but boxes 100 and 101 were replaced by 104 and 105. The real problem is that the EDI that was sent earlier sent boxes 100, 101, 102 and 103 of which only 102 and 103 will scan at the terminal since 100 and 101 were physically pulled as 104 and 105.

So how is this problem solved? Very simple: by scanning the boxes prior to sending the EDI. Once the boxes are pulled and scanned against the order the system will automatically swap any box numbers that are in the order but that have not been physically pulled. Here’s how this works as the boxes are being scanned:


  • Scan box 102: since this box was in the order already nothing happens.
  • Scan box 103: since this box was in the order already nothing happens.
  • Scan box 104: since this box was not in the order the system swaps it with box 100 from the order.
  • Scan box 105: since this box was not in the order the system swaps it with box 101 from the order.

At this point the order in the system has the 4 physical boxes that were pulled and scanned. When the EDI is sent to Armellini the system will send boxes 102, 103, 104 and 105 which correspond to the physical boxes that are being sent to the terminal. This will guarantee that there are no problems when the boxes are received at the Armellini terminal.