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Configuring Inventory Colors

Hi All,


We have added a nice little feature that allows you to setup the text and background color for each product category in order to provide a visual aid to your sales staff. The colors are visible when you’re adding items to an order. Here’s how to set this up:


1. Click on Setup > Categories

2. Search for the category that you want to setup and click “Edit”.

3. Change Text and Background colors.

Click on the text box and choose the color for the text and the background.

4. Choose colors.

You can view a real time sample of how the product will look like in the inventory. To choose the color that you want simply play with the color picker control and click on the multi-colored sphere on the bottom right corner to save your changes.

5. View colors in action.


Go to Order Entry > New Order > Add Items. Notice how the product shows up in the inventory.

That’s it! This will help you identify products quicker when selling. Please let us know your thoughts.

Best regards,