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Continuously Improving our System!

Continuous integration workflow


Systems are made to help people become more efficient and companies must know that if they want to grow they have to adopt technology in their processes. The floral industry is very fast paced and in addition to that the flowers are perishables which makes it extremely important to be efficient on every single process. For this reason we have focused on SPEED as one of the main requirements that we address in Komet Sales.


Technology is evolving quite fast and having the right system is a key point for flower companies. This is why we’re constantly receiving feedback from our users and improving the system since this is part of our continuous development strategy. As the floral industry becomes ever more demanding we have to adapt and find solutions to the new problems in the right moment.

As you know growing a business and giving the best product quality and customer service to your customers is an every day challenge. We continuously work so that Komet Sales contains all the best tools that you can use in order to accomplish this.

We’re always looking on ways on how to improve our processes and roll out new or improved features that can solve problems fast. After a thorough research we have decided to adopt the “Continuous Integration” practice that can help our team improve their work and provide the best quality to our customers.


Here is a brief description of what this is about:

“Continuous Integration is a software development practice where members of a team integrate their work frequently to detect integration errors as quickly as possible.”

In business terms, the value of Continuous Integration is:

  • Reducing risk
  • Reducing overheads across the development & deployment process
  • Enhancing the reputation of the company by providing Quality Assurance

This will help us focus on our most important goal: our customer’s satisfaction.


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