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Flores El Capiro: An Exemplary Story

“This company is not only a good example for the Colombian ornamental industry, but with its sea freight program is a worldwide example” – Judge’s Slogan towards Flores El Capiro

Flores El Capiro has been in the market for 35 years transitioning from growing tomatoes originally to flowers over the years. It all started out as an association between Luis Carlos Uribe and some colleagues when they began harvesting Geraniums and Chrysantheums after a failed attempt at growing tomatoes; the first name given to this floral growing business was Flores Los Geranios. Years later, without any experience in the floral industry, Carlos Manuel Uribe, Luis Carlos’ son and the current CEO of Flores El Capiro, began growing and commercializing flowers through his own company called Valley Farms and then through another one called Alhambra Farms. These organizations later merged with Flores Los Geranios to give way to Flores El Capiro officially 10 years later.

Back then, the market was very difficult and the only way to compete with a saturated offer in the United States was with low prices. Dealing with US Dollar fluctuations, among other obstacles, led Capiro to look at alternatives to lower costs such as transporting flowers by ocean. This innovation has made Capiro the biggest floral distributor by sea in the world with over 3,500 containers exported to date sending flowers to places such as Australia where flowers remain 30 days in transit and still ensures the quality of the product for 7 days in Australian vases.  This is one of the many reasons Capiro now deserves its mention as Best Grower of the World.


“In the floral industry there are very little options and finding a comprehensive system is hard to find, Komet Sales was able to cater to the market’s needs.”


The acknowledgement by AIPH (International Association of Horticultural Producers) as the best grower in the world for the year 2017 was very well deserved!  To be able to participate, there is an extensive audit process of financial reports, social responsibility certificates, environmental care contribution, levels of innovation (among others) that lasts
about 3-4 months for which certain requisites must be met in order to be accepted.

Flores el Capiro was a finalist rivaling against companies from Holland and Russia which are big competitors within the industry, but January 24th of 2017,  Flores El Capiro was commemorated with the golden award within the Cut Flowers category and was also awarded within all other categories.

Capiro considers this a Colombian award as it recognizes the quality and variety of its products and also, because, in Colombia the floral sector generates the biggest source of formal employment in agriculture with 130,000 jobs. Flores El Capiro deserves this award due to its constant innovation as well as providing employment to 1,800 workers greatly contributing the industry’s and country’s growth.

Congratulations to Flores El Capiro for this very well-deserved recognition to years of hard work and constant improvements!

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