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Getting ready for the holidays!

The big flower holidays are coming up very quickly and we have many tools to help you make the best out of this great season. The big question is: do you (and your team) know how to take advantage of all these tools? Something that I’ve noticed happening on many situations is that users stick on doing something on a certain way and never change. For this reason we strongly encourage our users to ask us questions using the “Need Help” button. If you’re doing something that you feel that you’re spending an awful lot of time or it seems very repetitive ask us: chances are that there’s something in Komet that can help you be more efficient. Here are some of the tools that every company should now about regardless if they’re used or not:



If you feel that you need a refresher course for anyone from your team (or for your whole team) it would be good to setup an additional training session. If that’s the case please contact us and we’ll happily arrange it at your convenience.