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Hello and New System Features

Hello Everyone,


We’ve been doing a VERY lousy job communicating with all of our Komet users. This will be changing dramatically as of now since we’re going to be very active on our blog, mailing list and twitter account in order to keep all of you on the same page. During the last couple of months we’ve added tons of features to the system based on your feedback and ideas.

In order to correct this we’re going to be adding a series of blog posts and knowledge base articles so that you can take full advantage of Komet Sales. In addition to this we’ll be doing a monthly webinar were we will be talking about specific subjects such as sales, purchasing, logistics, farm portal, e-commerce, etc. This will allow you to learn more about Komet Sales and learn about things that you probably are not aware of.

Here’s a quick recap of the new features that we’re adding today to the system (we’ll be adding more detailed documentation in the upcoming weeks):

Customer Dashboard – Company Info

Salespeople can now view and edit their customer information directly from the customer dashboard. Only basic information (such as phone, email, shipping & billing address, fax, etc.) can be edited from this view. Other sensitive information can be changed via the customer setup screen (which requires admin rights).


Customer Dashboard – Update Info

Date Selection with Arrow Keys

This nice little feature allows you to change the dates by pressing the up or down arrows. For the keyboard centric users this is a GREAT tool since you’ll be able to change the dates without using the mouse.


Calendar Selection with Keys

Payment Discounts

This has been one of our most popular requests! This new feature allows you to receive a payment and apply a discount to an invoice. Example: a customer sends you a $1,000 payment for an invoice and you’ve decided to give them a 2% early payment discount. In order to do so receive the payment for the $980 and apply the $20 discount under the “Discounts” column. It’s that simple!


Payment Discounts

Prebook Price Blocking

Enabling this option blocks salespeople from changing prebook item prices after the items have been purchased (and by purchased we refer to items being added to a purchase order). To change this setting go to Setup > Settings > Prebook Options > Allow Price Changes on Purchased Items.


Prebook Sales Price Lock

View Your Customer Location in Google Maps

Want to know the exact location of your customer’s office or warehouse? Simply click on the “View on Map” link in the customer dashboard and you’ll be taken to the Google Maps website for your customer’s location.


Google Maps


We appreciate your feedback and your support. We’ll keep working hard so that you can get the best of the best on Komet!