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Importers, Get Your Customers On Board With K2K!

So you know about Komet to Komet, you love it, you want more sales – Great! What now? On our previous post, we talked about why you should care about Komet to Komet and briefly mentioned the fact that all parties must agree on this inventory synchronization. Let’s dive deeper into this with some basic steps and considerations to keep in mind:

Komet TO Komet

Yes! All parties must have users within Komet Sales to be able to participate. But doesn’t mean you can’t start small. If you’re not already in Komet, you can buy a single user to upload your inventory and have it broadcasted to the world through K2K.

All Parties Must Agree

K2K works on an individual basis which means that your agreement must be with each one of your customers and a handshake agreement is performed for each case. Use our suggested K2K Setup Email to send this request to your customers. Once they agree, send it over to to get you started.

Getting Your Customers On Board

Some floral wholesalers may not know about K2K yet, so you’ll have to get your finger on the pulse when it comes to letting them know exactly what it means to them to be connected. Here are a few tips tools you can use to help out with this task:

  1. Send them our K2K kit. It includes all the content they’ll need to make an informed decision about integrating through Komet to Komet with you. In this kit, you’ll find some of our most popular on this subject for wholesalers.
  2. Have your customers request a demo! We don’t mind going over the information for this particular feature with them directly so that there’s a clear picture on all sides of the equation.

These are just a few things to keep in mind if you’re serious about using K2K to truly boost all your sales and maximize your network. 

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