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Integrating Your Way to Success!

Komet Sales helps simplify processes by allowing you to integrate all of your tools from our very own platform. This effect is known as the Platform Effect, where you’re able to easily connect your other tools to Komet through our very own API. You, your vendors and/or clients can save time and automate process by benefiting from the following integrations: 

  • Axerrio Integration: You, as a company that uses Komet Sales can accelerate the sales and purchase process by connecting with Axerrio’s system of your vendors. Your customers and salespeople can create orders in Axerrio and the system will automatically create Prebooks in Komet. Additionally, the shipping labels your vendor will generate in Axerrio will be used as receiving labels by your company.
  • Vida 18 Integration: If you’re using both Komet Sales and Vida 18, you’re able to synchronize your open market inventory from Vida 18 to be reflected in Komet, so sales made in Komet through any of the sales channels, including E-commerce will be reflected on Vida 18.
  • Tampa Cargo Integration: If your company ships products through Tampa Cargo, the system allows to activate an integration that will allow to download a .txt file with your shipment information, ready to be uploaded into to the Tampa Cargo platform.
  • EDI Shipper Account: If you ship through either Armellini Express Lines, Prime Floral or Florida Beauty, you can set up the Shipper Accounts in the system, so your warehouse personnel will be able to send shipment information directly to your carrier.
  • Clearent Integration: There’s a new and faster way to process credit card payments on Komet Sales with our Clearent Integration, which allows multiple credit card transactions on both Order Entry and Accounts Receivable screens and payments through physical terminals. To be able to activate this integration, feel free to follow these steps.

The industry and the market are constantly changing and embracing technology has become a necessity. Take advantage of all the existing integrations Komet has to offer and reach out today to get started.