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Introducing Komet Chat

We're happy to announce the release of Komet Chat, a simple yet powerful way to communicate with your team members, customers and vendors all from within the Komet Sales platform. 

Here are some of the main features that are part of Komet Chat:

  • Chat with your team members, customers and vendors. 

  • Send and receive files. 

  • Create group conversations. 

  • Manage your presence (or status). 

In order to get Komet Chat up and running please contact your system admin. The existing options for Komet Chat are as follows:  

  • Enabled for internal use: between Komet users from the same company. 

  • Enabled for e-commerce: between company users that belong to the sales role and users that are shopping online. 

  • Enabled for vendors: between company users that belong to the purchasing roles and users that are using the vendor portal. 

This is the first step in what we believe will greatly influence how users within the Komet Network will communicate. That being said we've opened up a new forum on our Feedback Portal where you can post any new ideas that you'd like to see potentially added to this new feature.

Ready to get started? Please check out our documentation