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iPad Compatilibility (and other tablets as well)

Hi All,


We have been working hard to make sure that the system runs smoothly on mobile devices so that you can take full advantage of your mobile workforce. Being able to access the system from a mobile device (such as an iPad or other tablet computers) just like you do on your desktop offers the following benefits:

  • Review customer accounts while on the road prior to meeting with a customer or with your customer (you can easily open the customer dashboard to view the key performance indicators).
  • Sell from any location at any time. You just need your tablet and an internet connection.
  • Check your daily, weekly or monthly sales.
  • Review the overall company sales through the main dashboard.

Here are a couple of screenshots directly from an iPad:


What is a mobile workforce?

So what’s all the fuzz about mobile workforce? Well, for starters a mobile workforce can be defined as people that are linked to your organization who don’t have to be physically in the same location. This allows salespeople (or any other staff) to be closer to their key markets (e.g.: west coast, mid west and east coast sales reps) or simply work from where they’re more efficient (home anyone?). There are many experienced salespeople that simply don’t want to live in Miami (the advantage of using Komet Sales floral software is that anyone can access the system by simply using a browser and there’s no need for expensive remote desktop software, servers, VPNs, Citrix applications, etc.). Users simply go to the website, log in and do their work.

An additional way to take advantage of this is by equipping your staff with tablet computers so that they can be truly mobile. This will allow your staff to engage with your customers while performing on-site visits or during trade shows. Managers can also be on the road while always being able to check the status of the company on a real-time basis.

Just give it a shot. We’re sure you’ll like it.