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Join Komet's Biggest Conference!

After going live in 2009 we’ve been completely dedicated to making processes easier within the floral industry; features like managing E-commerce, K2K and automated billing, among others, have been making our users’ life simple. Now we’re super excited to be hosting our first-ever Komet Fest next July 17th in Miami, FL to be able to share our latest improvements, provide workshops to help users take better advantage of Komet, allow a platform for guest speakers and offer a space for networking. Do you want to be a part of this conversation?, we’ll be going into more detail in Komet Fest.

Are you taking advantage of Komet? 

Did you know that there is an easier way to connect with your vendors so that they can provide the products you need, allowing you to always have your warehouse completely supplied and ready for your orders? K2K is the best way to automate your procurement process and stay in touch with your vendors so they can supply your needs. It’s definitely a win-win transaction, more inventory for your clients and more sales!


Are you using all the sales channels you can? 

There’s a way you can sell more! E-commerce helps maximize your sales with an availability 24/7, giving your company more orders in less time.This sales channel has so much to offer and we’ll be going over how to really dig into it to help ensure a successful e-commerce.

Are your processes automated? 

There are so many ways to get the job done easier and faster. Komet helps benefit you and your team by allowing a one-time setup for repetitive orders, create automatic invoices, calculate additional charges, notify sales staff when you have a product in max age and generate periodic reports. Just saving time alone helps optimize processes and makes room to maximize your sales! 

These are just a couple of ways Komet can help optimize your processes and maximize sales, join us in Komet Fest to learn more:

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