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Komet’s been busy at work during 2018

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Friday, Dec 14, 2018

Another year has gone by and we have been quite busy thinking of new ways to optimize your processes and maximize your sales. You’ve probably met with us in a few tradeshows and heard of our new features and improvements, but here’s a brief recap of Komet’s 2018 in case you missed anything.


Feedback Community

2018 was a very important year for us and our users as our feedback community reached its very own first year anniversary. We shared some user-submitted ideas that we have developed and we want to continue to make processes easier with our users’ help.

Some of the top features developed based on ideas were:
  • Identify K2K orders easily through an icon on the Order Entry tab as well as include K2K products as an individual item in Today’s Sales Dashboard in the home page. 
  • Download the Availability Report, showing the items in stock (Open Market and Future Sales), as a PDF or Excel file. 
We want to remind you how easy it is to be part of this feedback community, just enter in the category you wish to share your ideas on and submit them. This will automatically make your idea visible to other users so that they can start voting and we can start developing.

Komet Fest

Following that same train of thought, we had our very first edition of Komet Fest in Miami, Florida on July 17th. The idea of this first-ever Komet Fest is to share exciting Komet News with our customers while receiving feedback and also learning through workshops how we can grow together. Komet Fest 2018 was such a big success, that it made way to actually becoming a festival that we’ll be doing every year.

We are already pumped about Komet Fest 2019 where we’ll not only go over our new features and what’s next for Komet but share some exclusive one-on-one facetime with all of our customers in our roundtables. In these round tables, we’ll be meeting with clients with different roles to better understand how they can take advantage of Komet. These roundtables will also be taking place in Miami, soon we’ll be announcing more information.


IFTEX 2018

This year Komet was present in IFTEX 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya for the first time. The quality and diversity of displayed flowers and creativity in the booth designs gave us more understanding of our future markets’ needs.

IFTF show

Another very exciting tradeshow was IFTF in Vijfhuizen, Netherlands, where we were present for the first time. Learning about the European market gave us several ideas as to how to expand and set new goals. This first visit was so insightful, that we will be going again next year.




Meeting our customers at WFFSA 2018

We were also present in WFFSA’S FDC and PMA in October where we were able to catch up with our customers and receive feedback to improve and adapt Komet to their needs.


Agriflor and Expoflora in Quito, Ecuador

Being a company dedicated to the floral industry, Siflor 2018 in Medellin, Colombia, Agriflor and Expoflora in Quito, Ecuador were key to help Komet expand and make new improvements for growers.

Thought Especially for You!

Having an online market can give any company a major sales boost, that’s why we launched an e-commerce fever campaign on July. We helped debunk e-commerce myths, got together the basics to help get started with e-commerce and finally shed some light on the tools needed to take e-commerce to the next level in our webinars. All of our resources to help you get on board with e-commerce are available in our resources page.

Our website also evolved! Our marketing team gave our blog and resources page a whole new look to make it easier to find any type of content that can help take more advantage of Komet and add value to your company.

New Features

Last but not least, some important features and improvements were developed:

  • Customer Credits are now able to be created without having to associate them to an invoice, better known as standalone credits. You are now also able to associate multiple credits to a single invoice. 
  • Users are able to control their sales with closing periods, meaning you choose when a period begins and ends and you’ll have full control over your operations within these periods. Further information regarding these improvements is available in our blogs page. 
  • Do Not Open Items Option: Now in the staging area, users are able to mark items that should not be opened into units. This is possible if the Open Market boxes to inventory in units setting is enabled.
  • Product Recipes’ Invoices: While invoicing recipes, you can view the recipe breakdown in your invoice so you know exactly what makes them up and you’re able to trace them as well.
  • Upload Inventory Excel- Breakdown: With this feature, you're able to upload your inventory in boxes to the system and their breakdown will also be included so you don’t have to do this manually. 

It’s time for a new beginning next year, so with that, we would like to invite you to our first webinar of the year- BI: Your Ally in 2019 on January 8th, 2019 to be able to start your year maximizing sales and minimizing costs. We’ll be announcing many more features to help improve your Komet experience and will be attending Proflora, WFFSA, IFTF, among other shows so we can be closer to you. We will continue to evolve and we want you to evolve with us year after year. We wish you happy holidays and happy automation.
Originally published Friday, Dec 14, 2018

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Komet’s been busy at work during 2018

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