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Komets Support: Team and Holiday Schedule

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Wednesday, Jan 03, 2018

Our customers are our most valuable gift, and we are ready to give them the best of us! That’s why our Customer Support team is more than just amazing.

Thinking about the satisfaction of our customers, we have built the most qualified Customer Support team (CS), composed of the Customer Success and the Technical Support teams.

About our CS team

The Customer Success team is the first level of Customer Support. Their main task is to take care about all the customers’ requests, analyze them, get as much information as possible, and depending on the nature of the request, provide the most effective solution or transfer the request to the Technical Support team.

On the other hand, the Technical Support team is in charge of the system issues, those that specifically requires a development. In a few words, they will offer you a user-friendly assistance for technical issues.

Listening to you

Our Customer Support team is here to listen to you! You can use all our channels to contact us and leave your requests. Don’t worry! We are ready to make everything better. Regardless of whether these are issues, fixes, or suggestions, you will have an answer in less than 3 minutes.

Find out below our contact channels:

  • Email: Write us to
  • Phone: You can call us using our United States line +1 (786) 206-0554 or Toll-Free +1 (866) 382-8918
  • Live chat: This channel is activated once you login into Komet. You will find the chat icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Feedback Community: Go to and leave all your ideas to improve Komet Sales.
  • You can also check our FAQ list to understand a little bit more about Komet.

CS Schedule

Use the information below to know our schedule during the holidays.


Customer support hours

Valentine’s day Starting on January 22nd, 6:30-20:00 EST


Please feel free to reach out to us anytime you like, we are your best ally in the floral industry!

Contact Us

Originally published Wednesday, Jan 03, 2018

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