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Más Héroes: A Good Cause to Believe In

Today we want to share with you a cause very close to all of our hearts: Más Héroes, a NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) established in Medellin, Colombia and its main purpose is to create a movement against violence that comes along with drug trafficking and the “easy money” mentality by highlighting young role models that work towards building a better society. 

An Extremely Good Cause

Since 2015, Más Héroes fights the violence through artistic photography featuring model citizens of areas that struggle with the issue who are denominated Heroes of their comune. The Heroes share their story and it is captured through a series of photos that reveal their tenacity and desire to set an example to the society by pushing forward with activities, companies or movements that reject illegal matters and break through the paradigm of a whole country.

When these pictures are ready to be displayed, they are hung somewhere visible in the neighborhood where the Hero lives in a large-scale poster. The impact this project has had starts with new generations aspiring to be leaders just like those chosen to become Heroes! This brings change from the inside out and helps them ensure a future of peace.

 But Why Are We Mentioning This?

Because we believe in it! It’s that simple. This project deserves for everyone to be know about it at the very least and that wasn’t necessarily happening because they had no webpage to show the world the good work they’re doing, so we helped them out! Komet created a brand new website for Más Héroes where they now display the talented work of the organization and share the stories of their Heroes.

What do we want?

Hey, they’re doing great work and getting very little help getting the word out there, just check them out. See for yourself all the Heroes and their stories. And maybe, if you are moved by any of them, share it. That’s it!

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