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Naming Your Own Position

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Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014

Last week we decided to let everyone choose a title that would better describe the position that they have at the company. No restraints, no conditions, no nothing. 


Why? It’s a very simple answer: we came to the conclusion that when you decide to name what you do with the description that best suits you then you’ll get more involved with what you’re actually doing. The interesting part is that even though anyone can choose their own title they must live up to it or otherwise the team will give them a hard time and they’ll end up changing it. This is part of our philosophy of “self management” where we promote very high flexibility but with a lot of accountability.


So far we’ve had a couple of new titles such as “Chief Innovation Office”, “Senior Researcher”, “Performance Guru” and “Chief Happiness Officer”. It’ll be very interesting to see how this evolves and how the people that change their title will live up to what they say they are.


I’ll follow up on this in a couple of months and share the results of this experiment.



Originally published Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014

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