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Process Payments in the Order Entry

The process of entering and confirming orders and then entering payment is time consuming. That’s why Komet Sales made it easier and faster to process your payments when entering your client’s order, all from one screen!

How Does It Work?

Before this new feature, your sales team had to go to the Order Entry tab, enter the customer’s order, then confirm the order and then receive the payment in the Accounts Receivable tab. A lot of steps. Now, you’re able to create and pay the order all from the Order Entry screen. Click on Pay and Confirm and enter the payment information, apply the payment and you’re done.

This new ‘Pay and Confirm’ feature will speed up your whole check-out process, allowing you and your team to have more time to focus on what’s important for your business… selling! Create orders, confirm them, apply payments (cash, check, or credit card) and continue adding orders all from the Order Entry screen.

How To Get Started?

To start taking advantage of this new feature, you must enable our Clearent integration. Fill out the form and one of our business specialists will contact you and guide you through a simple set up process.

Check out our Quick Start Guide to learn about more benefits you can enjoy with our integration:

  • Receive payments from the A/R and Order Entry screens.
  • Store multiple credit cards for your customers.
  • Refund a Credit Card payment.
  • Change/Adjust a Credit Card transaction.
  • Close your day.