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Receiving Credit Card Payments

We’ve been seeing a trend that seems to keep growing more and more throughout the industry as a whole: credit card payments. A couple of years ago this seemed to be something fairly unusual but today it’s become very popular. Based on what we’ve spoken with many different customers these are the pros and the cons of this approach:


The Pros

  • Get paid faster.
  • Receive the funds directly into your bank account.
  • Save time by automatically receiving and posting payments (more on this later).


The Cons

  • Unscrupulous companies can claim the charges with their credit card companies. Your money can suddenly be drafted from your bank account without your knowledge nor consent.
  • The additional burden of having to manage the actual credit card numbers.


What we’re doing to help

So based on what we mentioned before credit card payments are only getting more popular every day. For this reason we have integrated Komet Sales with so that you can a) store credit cards securely and b) process credit card payments directly from the system. We’ll be adding other credit card processors later on down the road.

So how is this going to help our customers? Very simple: by saving them a lot of time. Here’s what normally happens when you receive a credit card payment today:

  1. You get the approval/authorization from the customer.
  2. If you did not have a card on file the customer must send the credit card authorization form.
  3. The person in charge of this has to go into the credit card processor and enter the credit card. In some cases the credit cards can be saved for future use.
  4. Then the person must search for the invoice (or invoices) and get the total that will be charged to the card.
  5. Once the credit card payment goes through then the payment must be received into the system.
  6. A payment confirmation is sent to the customer.

Here’s how it’s going to work on Komet Sales:

  1. You enter the customer credit card into the system only once.
  2. You go to receive a payment AND you choose the credit card that will be used to process the payment.
  3. You submit the payment and Komet Sales automatically processes the credit card transaction, applies the amounts to the invoices, saves the payment and sends an email confirmation to the customer.

In addition to this you will be able to schedule future payments in a scenario where a customer tells you to “please process this payment but on Monday morning” and customers will be able to make their own payments via the customer portal.


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