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Split Inventory Items

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Thursday, Apr 04, 2013

Hi All,


We have added a very handy feature in the staging area called “Split”. This allows you to take a product line and split it in two by specifying the new customer and the number of boxes that you want to split.

Let’s suppose that you receive 20 boxes of white pompoms for customer ABC but this customer (for whatever reason) is not going to take the 20 boxes but only 13. If you want to assign 7 of these boxes to customer XYZ simply split the line, choose customer XYZ and enter 7 boxes. The system will now have two different line items: 13 white pompoms for customer ABC and 7 white pompoms for customer XYZ.

Remember that this is only available from the Inventory Staging Area. We hope that you find this useful!

Best regards,

The Komet Sales Team

Originally published Thursday, Apr 04, 2013

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