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Thanksgiving Planning

As you know Thanksgiving Day is a special event where many families and communities come together to give thanks for their blessings. This celebration is held mainly in United States and Canada, and it was first proclaimed as a national day by George Washington in 1789.

Thanksgiving Day has become one of the America’s favorite holidays throughout the years and not only because of the massive dinner! This holiday carries a side effect on the economy and it is considered to be one of the busiest times of the year due to the amount of travelers that arrive to the country, the craziness of the shopping season and the beginning of Christmas.


Several studies suggest that this holiday is highly profitable for many industries including the floral industry, but in order to get the benefits, everyone involved has to be prepared months before. Here is some useful information to help you go through the process without any issue:


• Keep in mind that the busiest day for air traveling is the Wednesday preceding Thanksgiving, most of the delays are due to bad weather and congestion on major airports.

• The busiest day for road traveling is the actual Thanksgiving Day, so be prepared to see lots of traffic on the main interstate roads.

• Some of the most popular flowers for Thanksgiving are chrysanthemums, roses, gerberas, daisies, sunflowers, carnations, marigolds, alstroemerias and lilies, thanks to many decoration trends they are often used to make fancy center pieces which complement the Thanksgiving dinner.

• Komet Sales is packed with solutions to help you plan the season, for example, you can use future sales to stock your inventory with everything you need to meet your customer’s expectations.

• Online shopping is increasingly becoming more popular, “Ciber Monday” is the largest day in the online shopping year and is held the Monday after Thanksgiving. Komet Sales also offers you a way to catch online buyers by using e-commerce which provides your customers with online shopping 24/7.


Your holiday planning doesn’t need to be as crazy as this season, with a proper use of Komet Sales you might be able to reach high efficiency levels translating all your hard work into profits and customer satisfaction.