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The Evolution of Chain Store Payments

Chain store payments can be a real nightmare! Remember when you had to go into each account when a customer required separate billing for each of its locations?

And so, every week you would log on to your accounting software, search invoice by invoice or location by location, look for the ones that were due first and apply payments line by line… Eek! Even thinking about it makes us want to just shut everything off and come back when the month closing has passed.

That process has come a long way since then and hopefully your accounting software has helped you solve all massive reconciliations in its own way! Komet also does its part by letting you group accounts associated to a main company account to make it easier to view pending invoices from all locations.

These payments can be allocated from one check or payment with the same reference number on to multiple invoices from all sorts of locations or divisions of your customer’s company. Just like any other payment process in Komet, you can apply them to a specific invoice number or auto apply the payments which will take into consideration the invoices closest to being past due.


Technology is definitely on our side, let’s hope advancements always makes improvements like this one because uff that one’s a big help! Komet, for one, allows you to massively process payments. 

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