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The New Face of Customer Service

As we’ve gone from supporting a couple of hundred users to a couple of thousand users we’ve learned a LOT! As with any operation we’ve had to cope with multiple challenges as we expand and support more users. During the last couple of months we’ve been getting tons of feedback from our users and we’ve been listening. We recently revamped our whole customer service team in order to find people that are truly committed and passionate about providing the absolute best customer service. On top of this we deployed the Net Promoter Score (and posted the results from the first month after we went live with it) which has allowed us to capture the positive and negative feedback from our users.


Last week two of our developers spent a full week in Miami meeting with Komet buyers, salespeople, management, operations, accounting, quality control and other areas. Their mission was to get a better understanding of the user’s needs so that we can improve the system as well as to understand places where we’re failing in customer service so that we can change for the better.

We believe that Komet Sales is not just a “system” but rather an experience that our users deal with every single day. This experience has to make your life simple or if not it’s simply not worth it. It’s very challenging but we’re aiming to make sure that this is a promise that we can fulfill.


Once again we’d like to thank all of our users for supporting us, teaching us and giving us valuable feedback that helps the system become better and better.



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