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Using the “Product Alias”

While meeting with a customer today and talking with one of the salespeople it was brought to my attention that entering those orders was very time consuming due to the fact that the customer requested some special codes for each product that needed to go on the invoice. At that point I explained to the salesperson how the “product alias” works so that they could take advantage of it and reduce the order processing time.


So what is the Product Alias?

It’s a feature that can be enabled under Setup > Settings > Order Entry Options and that will display a new text box on the order entry screen when adding an item to an invoice. The text that’s entered in this field will be printed on the invoice, pick ticket, labels and other documentation (we noticed today that it did not print on the CCI and we’re working on that).


So why is this useful and how do you use it?

Let’s suppose that your customer is buying Freedom 60 Roses but they require that you somehow have the item code in each line of the invoice. When selling the item you can enter the following on the “Product Alias” text box: “192182 Freedom 60 Rose”, where 192182 is the item code that was provided by your customer. The system will remember that product alias for that particular product (in this case the Freedom 60 Roses) for that particular account. From this point forward every time that you sell the Freedom 60 Roses to this customer the invoice will print the item code with the description.


Here’s the moral of the story: if you find yourself doing something that’s just too time consuming don’t be afraid to ask. There’s probably something out there in the system that can help you and we’re more than happy to point you in the right direction!

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