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Valentine’s 2013 Update

Hi All,


While all of you have been REALLY BUSY buying and selling flowers we’ve worked on some new features and improvements. Here’s a quick recap of the changes that we’ve implemented in the last couple of days:


Accounts Receivables

We updated the aging on the Accounts Receivables page to make it faster. When generating the statements for all the customers at once you will notice a huge improvement when generating the PDF file. The aging report has been tweaked so that it prints using a landscape format, with the customer credit limit and with the customer code. You can also send statements via fax directly from the system.


Customer Dashboard

When viewing the invoices for a particular customer in the customer dashboard you can now view the invoice details by simply clicking on the magnifying glass.


Inventory Options

Many companies purchase items using an internal account (e.g.: open market purchases) and as such the purchase orders are sent to the farms with a customer associated to them. When the product is received the system treats the product as a prebook/standing order since it’s associated to a customer. The problem is that these items are really meant for the open market so the sales managers have to spend some of their valuable time switching these items to the “Open Market” inventory type. With this new feature you can specify which accounts are “Open Market” accounts so that when the product is received the inventory type is automatically changed by the system to “Open Market”.

We’ve also added a new feature called “Automatic Billing on Scan”. This is how this works:

  1. A box is received and scanned.
  2. If the box belongs to a prebook or a standing order the system will automatically invoice the box using the carrier, PO #, customer and ship date from the prebook / standing order.
  3. The system will automatically print out the shipping label.

This will allow you to process each pallet faster and quickly breakdown the product based on the outbound carrier. Open market boxes can be then placed in the cooler section designated for open market product.


E-commerce Notifications

The following notifications have been added to the system so that you can better manage your e-commerce sales:

  1. When a customer checks out an order the system will email a notification to the customer.
  2. The salesperson that’s associated to the account will also receive an email notification so that they’re aware of the new order that was placed.
  3. When the salesperson confirms the e-commerce order the system automatically sends a confirmation of the order with a copy of the invoice to the customer.

Navigation Updates

You can now quickly change to any section of the system by simply hovering over a tab and clicking on the submenu which will appear after one second. This makes it easier to jump to a specific page from any other section of the system.


Updated Tab Navigation

Grower Portal

The grower portal now offers the possibility of exporting the PO Summary to Excel. Growers have the option to download the PO Summary (which simply has the PO number, ship date, total boxes and amount) or the PO Details (the same as the PO Summary plus all the items in the PO with all the information per item).


Order Entry

There are two new visual changes when adding items to an order:

  1. Items that have a product image associated to it have an icon next to them.
  2. If you are a sales manager items that are on hold have a lock displayed next to the items. Placing the mouse over the lock will display the total number of items that are on hold for that line item.


Adding Inventory Items


User Setup

When setting up grower or e-commerce users the system will automatically suggest the email address based on what’s stored on the grower or customer profile. This will expedite the user setup process since you won’t have to move back and forth between sections of the system to find out what the emails are.

Stay tuned for additional goodies that are in the pipeline!