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Ways to Manage Your Customers Through Komet

A company’s goal is always to sell more and be number one in the industry, this is possible by taking care of the most important piece of the business transaction, the customer! Understanding your customers and managing their relevant information is the foundation of how you run the company and your operations. There are so many ways that you can keep track of all of your customers and also configure processes for a more efficient interaction.

Everyone likes an easy process, especially customers, so it’s important to understand how they interact with your sales team to be able to always anticipate their purchases, trends and interests. A satisfied customer is more likely to bring new customers through referrals, thus growing your business and sales.

So how does Komet help me manage my customers?

Let’s take a look at some features that help make these processes easier:

BI/Reports: BI is the core of every business, this is where all of the data is gathered for the decision making process. Komet offers a visualization of these reports on every summary window to help you have greater knowledge of transactions and help predict your customer’s behavior.

Setup basics: There are some configurations needed to be able to automate processes with specific customers. Komet allows you to set up customer settings, specific pricing, markups, e-commerce, among others, in order to skip all of the operational work and get right to business.  

Customer card: Here you can have a brief overview of the customer’s information such as last payment, sales by month, aging and you may also add notes for internal communication. This is super useful to keep track of and coordinate processes related to this customer within your company.

These are just a couple of ways Komet helps manage your customers, you can keep exploring different features to help keep track of them and their processes. Learn more here!

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