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What we’ve been up to lately…

Lately we’ve been doing a ton of stuff! Some of our major activities have been around performance in order to make the system run faster and avoid those inconvenient lags that happen at certain moments. Technically we’ve been moving from a monolithic architecture (one where everything is in a centralized location) to a micro-service architecture (one where there are many individual components that serve very specific purposes).

So why is this important? Very simple: this allows us to scale and to provide a faster service. In the last couple of days we’ve made some major changes in this area such as:

  • Removing the invoice generation from the web application and into a component that focuses solely on generating invoices.
  • Removing the PO generation (same process as the invoice generation).
  • Changing the staging area to have better control of the items that are transferred. You’ll notice that when you confirm items the system will display a “processing” icon next to each line. As each line is processed it’s automatically moved from the staging area into the inventory.

Later on this week we’ll be migrating our MySQL database from version 5.5 to version 5.6 which offers significant improvements in performance and new features. Due to the sensitivity of this procedure we’re using a good block of our prepaid consulting hours with Percona (

Percona is the worldwide expert and leader in MySQL consulting. At $275/hour they’re not cheap but when it comes to our partners we have a general rule of thumb: go with the BEST of the BEST. It’s worth it.

Besides the boring techie stuff that nobody really cares about but us here are the exciting things that we’ve recently launched:

  • Warning on GPM items that are either over or below a predetermined threshold.
  • New options on the mass allocation process.
  • Preventing users from confirming orders for customers that are on hold.
  • New user option to disable the users from being able to drop boxes from orders.
  • Acknowledgement link on the purchase order emails that enable your vendors to confirm that they actually received the PO.
  • Report access to other roles such as sales and procurement.
  • Ability to view the customer open balance breakdown when receiving payments (this was a very popular request!)
  • API token restrictions for granular permissions on individual methods.
  • Customer drop order management by carrier.
  • New API method that allows order processing (this is HUUUUUGEEEEEEE!!!!).

That’s it for now but we’ve got plenty more coming down the road!