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Why Did I Switch to Komet?

“Why are you switching to Komet?”  That is the question I received from almost everyone as I broke the news.  Let me give you a little background…

After working 17 years for the same floral group, which just happened to be probably the largest floral group in the world, I made the leap to Komet Sales.  My name is Adam Mace, and I am the newest member of the Komet Sales team. A little about me:

I have spent my entire professional career in our industry, in all aspects of the business cycle.  I have worked in accounting, managed an ERP system, ran a bouquet division, and did sales at a high level for many years. In fact, the sales figures I was posting was about double the average of the industry standard in similar positions.  I was treated great by my employer, paid well, I had great relationships with my peers and co-workers, and I really enjoyed helping my clients and business was very stable. I was very comfortable. Which made the question that much more intriguing…

Why was I switching to Komet Sales?

Having the good fortune of gaining hands-on experience in all areas of the business cycle specific to the floral industry in multiple segments, really has given me a unique perspective and insight to see what we need to succeed and thrive in our marketplace:

  • I know how critical it is to maximize efficiency and reduce waste in our traditionally low-margin business.
  • I know how important it is to have timely information to be able to take care of customers and give you the advantage over your competition.
  • I know how being able to have reports that are trustworthy, relevant, and easily accessible to analyze trends allows you to make business decisions that can make or break your profit margins.
  • I realize that streamlining daily repetitive tasks means that you can work smarter, not harder; thus allowing you to focus your efforts on more important things like really driving the business instead of just maintaining it.

If we are truly serious about growing our business in a meaningful way that yields exponential returns instead of just gradual returns, we need a game changer. Working harder in the same manner in which we have been doing things for years will yield incremental results, but to be honest, I believe we all seek significant returns on our investments, our time and our efforts.

Greater Revenue and Greater Profitability

Which brings me back to the question we started with…”Why are you switching to Komet?” To paraphrase one of my favorite quotes...

“The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.” 

We all have the same goal in mind: greater revenue and greater profitability. We do. And we’ve all been conducting our business in the same manner year after year. Perhaps we are seeing some incremental gains, but if we are honest, we probably are frustrated because we pour everything into working hard to maintain or, hopefully, get some incremental gains.  And if we are already giving 100%, or in some cases, 110%, yet still just maintaining or just getting incremental gains, then how are we really going to get that significant growth in revenue and profit we are really striving and hoping for?  Doing the same thing (just working harder) over and over, just isn’t yielding the results we want. We need to change a variable in order to change the equation to our favor.

And that is my real answer to “Why are you switching to Komet?”.  Komet is that variable change in the equation that yields a different result.  Bringing it full circle, I started watching what Komet was developing and bringing to the table for our industry. What they are solving can be a game changer for someone really serious about wanting to advance their floral business and break the cycle of just “working harder”, when really what we have been needing, as an industry, has been to “work smarter” in order to get the gains in both revenue and profitability that we all seek and want for our floral businesses.  And with my background and experience in all areas of the industry, I see the immense value that Komet brings to our industry as that game changer so that we can all move forward in substantial ways.

It is this opportunity to advance our industry and the way we significantly progress our business in the marketplace that answers the question…..”Why are you switching to Komet?”

I would love the opportunity to talk more about how Komet can truly help revolutionize your business and grow your revenue and profitability.  Please reach out to me at or at (786) 206-0554, and connect on LinkedIn.

Written by Adam Mace