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Why Processing Credit Cards With Komet Sales Is a No Brainer!

I'll cut right to the chase: if you receive credit card companies with your company and you're not using Komet's credit card processing capabilities you're missing out BIG TIME! 

Why? It's very simple: You'll be collecting the same payments, paying very similar (if not lower) fees and your users will spend a fraction of the time processing payments. 

Not to mention that your sales team can now securely request new credit cards that are automatically linked to your customers accounts and process payments through the order confirmation process which will automatically post to your accounts receivables module. In addition to this, you can enable payments for some or all of your customers who shop online. 

Your collections team can also process credit card payments directly from the "Receive Payments" screen while posting the payment directly to one or multiple invoices. 

How companies currently process credit cards

Let's run through a simple yet common scenario: COD (cash on delivery) customers. So a salesperson is selling some products to a customer that's a COD account. Once the order is created, the salesperson will ask the customer how they're going to pay. Customer will say "please use AMEX 5544". Sales person reaches out to the person in A/R who will then pull up the invoice, review the value and open a virtual terminal at their bank to run the credit card (assuming that they don't have it written down on a piece of paper - which still happens pretty often). If the transaction does not go through, the person in A/R will call the sales person, who will then have to call the customer to indicate that the card did not go through. Then there's a process of requesting a new card and going through the same scenario again. Lot of calls, back and forth, and time spent. 

How companies using Komet's integration process credit cards

Same scenario as above: order is ready and now customer has to pay. When the sales person confirms the order the system indicates that the customer has to pay. If there's a credit card (or more than one) on file, the sales person can ask the customer which one to use. If none is on file, the sales person can send an email with a secure link so that the customer can enter the credit card on file. The sales person will then be able to view the tokenized credit card (franchise and last 4 digits) in the customers account. At this point the sales person will process the order which will be sent to Clearent (the credit card processor) and if approved, the order will be confirmed and the payment will be automatically posted to the account. If the payment does not go through, the sales person can immediately let the customer now and request a new credit card. 

What else can be done with this integration? 

This integration was thoroughly thought through so that everyone gets the most of it. Here's everything that can be done with it: 

  • Customers can pay online when checking out on the e-commerce (and this can be set on a per customer basis). 
  • Sales people can add new credit cards by requesting them via a secure link to their customers. 
  • Sales people can process payments when confirming orders. This can be stored credits cards in the system or using a terminal in a cash & carry operation. The terminals are wireless and will automatically have the payment amount once handed over to the customer for payment. 
  • A/R users can receive payments and post to multiple invoices at once, as well as process credit card refunds. 
  • A/R users can manually enter credit cards into the system.