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Why You Should Use Business Intelligence

Maybe some of you have already heard about Business Intelligence, but do you really know all the benefits that come from data collection? We are pretty sure that it requires a lot of experience to consider yourself a professional in BI, but with the knowledge we have, we can say that BI is a trustworthy weapon after you’ve finished reading this post.


Let’s begin with the basics, so we can give you an idea of why your business needs to start using BI.


Don’t Waste Time!


Your employees can spend two hours per day collecting numbers and facts, but sometimes, that information is not even useful, and that is because they are not using the right tools to analyze it. If you can offer them those tools, likely, the analytics will help them achieve the ultimate goal to build a strategic plan to improve your business performance.


Nothing Is More Important Than Your Information


And by information, we don’t mean address, telephone, or main activity, what we really want to focus is on your stats. Those numbers can reveal if you are on the right track, if your customers have a good connection with your products, and if all your work has been profitable.


Collecting that data will help you:

  1. Create a dialogue with your customers.
  2. Improve your products.
  3. Analyze your possible risks in the market.
  4. Generate new revenue streams.
  5. Secure your company and customer’s data.
  6. Reduce costs.


But How Does It Work?


Essentially, Business Intelligence collects external and internal information, and all the data is stored in a database, where it can be organized and summarized according to your needs. All that information allows you to have a framework to support your decisions about your company’s processes.


Komet Sales has an integration with JasperSoft, a user-friendly platform that allows you to collect all the data you add to our system and organize it to draw helpful conclusions. To use it, you just need to follow the next steps:


  1. Login into the Komet Sales system.
  2. Go to the Purchase Orders section.
  3. Under the PO Summary tab, select from the Actions menu the Reports/Dashboards option.
  4. Go to reports.
  5. And finally, select the option you need.


To begin, we recommend creating Ad Hoc Views, because it provides the quickest and most dynamic way to analyze the data from your transactions. You can learn how to do it in our Knowledge Base.

After that, you can easily start scheduling your reports, that way you can have all the information you need at the moment you need it the most.


Take into account that these are the screens where you can generate the reports for you Business Intelligence analysis.

  • Inventory Summary
  • From the Prebook Summary
  • Purchase Order Summary
  • Order Summary
  • Payment History
  • Accounts Receivables (A/R)>>Open Invoices
  • Tracking>>AWB Summary
  • Shipping>>Order Summary
  • QC>>QC Summary


Don’t wait any longer to start taking advantage of this incredible tool within Komet. You already know all the benefits.

if you are an advanced user, check out our tips about BI within Komet, listening to our podcast Business Intelligence Advanced Capabilities.

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