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Early June 2012 Updates

Hi All,


We’ve been quiet for a while but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been busy working on Komet Sales. We have a lot of new goodies that we want to share with you so that you can take advantage of them when using Komet Sales. For those of you with whom we met in the last 2 weeks while we were visiting Miami here are many of the features that we mentioned.


Product Images

You can now add images to each product in the system. The images will be displayed when adding the items to an order. To add an image simply to to Setup > Products, search for the product that you want to add the image to and click the “Edit” link under the “Actions” column. Once the product details window opens simply click on the “Upload Product Image” link and choose the image that you want to upload. The system will automatically re-size the image to the required size. The original image is also saved in the system for future reference (e.g.: if you uploaded a high resolution image it will remain available for future download).

After the image has been added to the product the system will automatically display it when adding the item to an order. Here’s an example of how this shows up:


Email Product Photos

You can also email the product photo from the Order Entry screen. Simply click on the “Send via email” link that is located underneath the photo, enter the customer’s email address, change the subject and body (unless you want to use the default message) and click the “Send” button. Your customer will get an email with the image within the next couple of minutes.



Enter Key as Tab

For those users that are coming from DOS based or AS/400 systems and are used to pressing the “Enter” key to move from field to field we have added an option that takes care of this. If this setting is enabled (you can do so by going to Setup > Settings and enabling the checkbox for this option) the enter key will jump from field to field on any forms.


Adding Items to Purchase Orders

Based on the feedback from users that focus on purchasing product we have completely revamped the purchasing screen. With the new layout the items that are required for purchase show up on a large window with additional information (including the standing order # for those orders coming from SO’s). The users simply double click on the items in order to add them to the PO. By closing this window you will be able to view all the items in your PO prior to sending it over to the vendor.


Prebook Ship Date Restrictions

We have added a new option that allows setting a minimum number of days required for the prebook truck date.


Faxing – Required FaxAge Account

If you’re still faxing invoices to your customers then you need to sign up for a Faxage account ( since we’re no longer providing this service with the Komet Sales accounts. Once you sign up simply go to Setup > Settings and enter the username, company ID and password for your Faxage account. This will automatically enable the fax option in the system.


Customer Master Report

A new “Customer Master Report” is available under the “Customer Reports” section in the Reports tab. This report contains the main information for each customer that’s in the system.

User Administration

You can now manage your application users and decided who gets to do what. Here’s a list of features that you can do using the user administration:

  • Add new users.
  • Activate or deactivate users.
  • Update users permissions, login, email address and password.

In order to do this simply go to Setup > Users and make the changes. You must be setup as an administrator in order to manage users in the system.


Label Design and “Mark Code”

The label design has been revamped in order to make it more user friendly for the warehouse personnel and the carriers.


Accounts Receivables

When receiving payments we have added a new “Check / Reference #” that you can use in addition to the notes. This will allow you to keep the check number of the wire reference number (or any other transaction identifier) separate from the actual payments notes.


Dashboard Updates

We added a new “Sales by Salesperson” widget to the dashboard. This will be available only to those users that have access to the company’s sales. You can quickly view the sales for the current day (the default value) as well as the last 30 days, 6 months or 12 months.


Setup – Excel

We have added the option to export the data into Excel from the following company masters: Customers, Vendors, Products, Categories and Carriers. To do so simply click on the “Export” button on the top of the grid.


Upcoming Features

Here’s a list of the features that we’re currently working on and that will be available within the next 2 – 4 weeks:

  • New farm portal: allows confirming or rejecting individual line items for PO’s. (2 weeks)
  • Bouquets: allow creating products with a recipe, labor and costs as well as sleeve images. (2 weeks)
  • UPCs: add UPC information when creating a prebook, purchase order or invoice. (4 weeks)
  • Divisions: create different divisions within the same company to manage inventory, sales, users, etc. (4 weeks)


We are really excited with this new version as well as with the new features that we’re currently working on. We really want to thank all of our customers and future customers for their support, feedback and great ideas. This is what makes this a reality!


Best regards,

Alex and the Komet Sales Team

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