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Latest Features as of April 10th, 2018

Hi Komet Users,

Below you’ll find all of our latest updated as of last week, according to your role:

For Salespeople

  • KS-22383 - (Improvement) In multilocation companies, the Default Location set up per user now applies when searching in all Prebook Summary screens and in the Payment History screen.

For Warehouse Users

  • KS-23625 - (Improvement) The Shipping>Order Summary screen now allows to filter by carrier and name with two options available: Text Mode and Multiple mode, allowing you to filter by several carriers at once.

For Admin Users:

  • KS-22129 - (Improvement) A new setting was added in K2K integration for Product Needs. Now Customer Companies can determine the inventory type of products once they are received. The setting is named Classify K2K Sales as Open Market.
  • KS-21428 - (New Feature) Now you can synchronize all the box types you want through the K2K integration for Product Availability. The box code must be created in Vendor and Customer Companies in order to correctly synchronize the inventory.
  • KS-20115 - (Improvement) For multilocation companies, The Passthrough Location option can now be set up per customer and location from the Days of Service tab on the customer setup. In that way, a customer can have a different Passthrough according the location the product must be sent to.
  • KS-23387 - (New Feature) A new option was added to Automatic Additional Charges setup in order to allow users to select the type of orders to which the additional charge entered should be applied. There are three options available: Web, Phone and Both.
  • KS-23796 - (Improvement) The API method invoice.details.list now allows to filter by Item Type (Box, Units or both) so the units information is now returned. This method also allows to exclude transfer orders information.

Please contact us for any further questions or concerns.



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