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Latest Features as of April 24th, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Here are the latest features as of today according to your role:


  • KS-24059 - (Improvement) From now, if a given Prebook is set up as Ship Via Grower, the Purchase Order document generated from it will include the carrier account number.
  • KS-23904 - (Improvement) The Creation On date has been added to the sorting options available when generating the Fulfillment report Basic and Detailed. Also, all of the predetermined filters are now printed in the header of the reports.
  • KS-23686 - (Improvement) The system now allows to unallocate Prebook lines already billed either in boxes and units from the Add Prebook screen. The system will take the products back to the inventory and the Prebook will still be pending to be billed.

Admin Users

  • KS-23966 - (Improvement) Several changes were made in Business Intelligence: the product pack information was added to the Prebook Domain, the Created by field was added to the Purchase Orders domain while the AWB information, ship date, and arrival date was added to the Credit in Boxes domain.
  • KS-23950 - (Improvement) The API method credit.details.list now allows users to filter by order type, allowing them to consult information of orders either in boxes, units or both.
  • KS-24173 - (Improvement) The PO's separation criteria will also apply to Future Sales orders coming from Standing Orders.

Accounting Users

  • KS-24040 - (Improvement) Users can now see the Invoice Details screen in the Open Invoices and Receive Payment screens just by clicking on the order number.

Procurement Users

  • KS-21901 - (New Feature) Now the system allows to perform massive allocations using future inventory from the Bulk Purchasing Mode screen. This process works for both Prebook lines in units and boxes. The system allows to select conditions of matching such as Vendor, Breakdown and Mark Code.

Please contact us for any further questions or concerns.




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