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Latest Features as of April 3rd, 2018

Hi Everyone, 

Here are our latest features as of April 3rd, 2018:

For Salespeople:

  • KS-23569 - (Improvement) A new setting named Allow to set discount per line has been added under Sell by Units in order to allow users to apply a discount per product line in units when creating an invoice.

For Admins:

  • KS-20649 - (Improvement) A new report named Customer Account Details has been added to Accounts Receivables Reports. This report includes A/R transactions related to a customer, such as Invoices, Payments, NSF, Refunds and Open Credits. This report can be generated for a date range no greater than one year.
  • KS-18162 - (New Feature) A new setting named POs Separation has been added to Purchase Order options which allows users to have additional criteria to don't include items with similar information within the same PO.

Feel free to contact us with any follow up questions.




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