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Latest Features as of August 15th, 2017


Please see below our latest features as of last week:

  • KS-20807 – (Improvement) The system will now suggest the default location set up for the logged user in the Receive PaymentsAdd Credit, and Credit Summary screens.
  • KS-20729 – (Improvement) The system will now default the salescode of a Prebook onto the Order when using the Prebooks Pending to Be Billed option.
  • KS-20405 – (Improvement) The system now displays the Unit Cost when adding products from Vendor Availability or K2K on a PO Standalone. The unit cost of K2K products can’t be edited from that screen.
  • KS-17383 – (Improvement) The system now allows to set up prices of products coming from Vendor Availability and K2K integrations from the Available Items screen of Vendor Availability. The user will be able to set and change the prices either line by line or massively.
  • KS-20512 – (Improvement) The Product Availability Report printed from the Order Summary screen now includes future inventory along with the on hand inventory. Users will be able to filter by aging in orden to generate the report.
  • KS-19389 – (Improvement) The mark code for K2K orders will now display the Customer Code of the Buyer Company in the provider side. Also, to further identify K2K orders, a “K2K” icon was added to these orders in the Order Entry screen and they are now a separate item on the Today’s Sales dashboard of the home page.
  • KS-20100 – (Improvement) The Customer Code will be a new column added to the report generated by the Export to Excel option from the Credit Summary.
  • KS-20279 – (Improvement) Now Vendor Companies are allowed to delete or void K2K orders and Customer Companies will be notified about those changes in Komet to Komet integration.
  • KS-20611 – (Improvement) Now users are able to see all the locations to which they are associated in a scroll down list.
  • KS-17384 – (Improvement) Now the system allows to select the default “Ship Via” option for E-commerce Orders per customer. There are three options available: Ship Via Warehouse, Ship Via Grower, and User’s Choice. The product in the e-commerce will show the items that are available according to the “Ship via” selected and the date chosen by the user.
  • KS-20404 – (Improvement) A new domain was added to BI reports that provides access to hard goods inventory information.

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