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Latest Features as of August 16th, 2016

Hi All,

These are the latest updates on Komet Sales resolved last week and deployed yesterday. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

  • KS-16026 – (Improvement) New columns for Mass Market added to the Edit Prebook window.
  • KS-15440 – (New Feature) NSF (non-sufficient funds): Users will be able to void a payment for NSF, set an additional charge to apply for the NSF, and invoice customers when required.
  • KS-16025 – (Improvement New color field at the API methods inventory.openmarket.List and future.inventory.openmarket.list.
  • KS-15386 – (New Feature) New API method: prebook.list allows to get a list of Prebooks.
  • KS-16013 – (Improvement) Allows growers to visualilze the Mark Code Column on the Purchase Order screen.
  • KS-16020 – (Improvement) New Purchase Order Number column added to the Bulk Mode.
  • KS-16010 – (New Feature) Allows to access to the Business Intelligence module from the QC summary.
  • KS-16008 – (Improvement) Mass Market Labels improvement.
  • KS-15795 – (New Feature) Now the K2K integration will also synchronize the vendor’s product images making them visible for the customers on the E-commerce site.
  • KS-15832 – (New Feature) Printing labels automation based on the remote printer setup.
  • KS-15754 – (New Feature) New API methods: invoice.mark.sync.status.ok and invoice.mark.sync.status.error that allow an external system to mark orders as fail to sync.
  • KS-15749 – (Improvement) The prebook number has been added as a new field to the invoice.details.list API Method.
  • KS-15856 – (Improvements) New custom labels for Mass Market accounts.
  • KS-15937 – (New Feature) New support window implemented.
  • KS-15328 – (New) New method has been added to the API: future.inventory.list.
  • KS-15548 – (Improvement) The multi-currency feature is now available on the grower screens.
  • KS-15695 – (Improvement) New domains for accounting and minor changes.
  • A few minor bugs and layout issues.



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