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Latest Features as of August 22, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Here are the latest features as of last week:

  • KS-20513 – (New Feature) Now the system allows you to create a Sales report in .txt format to be integrated with Lynx System. The report is available in the OrderSummary>Actions>Export Details to Lynx screen and it includes the details of the boxes and the breakdown if applicable. Please keep in mind you must contact Komet to have this report available in your account.
  • KS-20699 – (Improvement) When the Only show items associated to a price list settings are enabled (which is only available when the Sell by Units Only and Price List settings are enabled), the system will now display only products associated to a price list for the selected customer when adding products to an order from the Order Entry screen. There is also an option that allows the user to list all the available products.
  • KS-20911 – (Improvement) The markup added at customer level that allows users to apply discounts or increases to the original price for E-commerce orders now also applies to K2K orders placed on E-commerce.
  • KS-20802 – (Improvement) In order to have a greater clarity during the creation of a PO Standalone, the Truck Date field has been renamed as Arrival Date and the Ship Date as Vendor Ship Date.
  • KS-20820 – (Improvement) Now the documents printed from the Shipping Order Summary and Payment History screens have a timestamp in its filename in to prevent overwriting an already existing file.
  • KS-19633 – (Improvement) Companies subscribed to our latest plan can have as many scanner users as they want without affecting the limit of users allowed.
  • Other minor bugs and fixes.

Be sure to contact us with any further inquiries.



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