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Latest Features as of August 27th, 2020

Hello Everyone,


Here are our latest features as of last week. We have great news for companies looking to sell their products online by units!


  •  KS-31609 - (New Feature) Companies that sell by the unit can now offer their future sales inventory by the bunch in e-commerce. This is a feature available upon request.



  •  KS-31673 -  (New Feature)  An additional mark-up can be applied to products sold by the bunch. When enabled, box prices will be increased by the percentage set to create a higher by-the-bunch price.
  • KS-31533 -  (New Feature)  Once the Sell by The Bunch option has been activated for a company, users will be able to set up additional options from the E-commerce settings screen (on a per-location basis, for multilocation companies).


E-commerce Users

  • KS-31262 -  (New Feature)  Once the "Sell by the bunch" settings is enabled, the system will display future sale products as available in bunches. E-commerce buyers will be able to switch between boxes, mixed boxes, or bunches as they need. Products displayed in bunches will be consolidated by product description, vendor, price, product pack, and location (in multiplication companies).


Please contact us directly with any further questions.