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Latest Features as of August 29th, 2017

Hi Komet Users,

Below you’ll find all our latest updated as of last week:

  • KS-20584 – (Improvement) New filters were added to the screens that display Vendor Availability and K2K products, that allow Customer Companies to easily find or hide the K2K inventory shared by the Vendor Company.
  • KS-20107 – (Improvement) Now, when a user enters a product quantity that exceeds the available quantity in boxes, units or hard goods, the system will display a notification from the Order Entry screens. If the Allow selling over available setting is on, then this feature won’t apply.
  • KS-19514 – (Improvement) Now, when the Landed Cost as Price option is enabled, the system will recalculate the price in the processes that create invoices, taking into account all the landed cost components of the product. In the case the new price calculated by the system is different than the price set at the Prebook, the system will show an icon warning the users about the difference, in the Order Entry screen.
  • KS-21049 – (Improvement) The date filter in Inventory > Add inventory > Vendor Units Availability > Staging Area has been updated to only allow a range of one month while filtering.
  • KS-19090 – (Improvement) While adding a product in order to make a QC inspection, the system will now allow users to generate an Excel report based on the information filtered on that screen.

Please contact us for any further questions or concerns.



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