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Latest Features as of August 30th, 2016

Hi All,

Below you’ll find the most recent updates on Komet Sales resolved last week and deployed yesterday. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

  • KS-16194 – (Improvement) Allows to fill the Item code without requiring the Universal Product Code Number (UPC).
  • KS-16183 – (Improvement) The system will not allow to add a Prebook Item to a Purchase Order which is in status Shipped.
  • KS-16117 – (New Feature) Allows to visualize the information related to the Shipping on the Business Intelligence platform.
  • KS-16141 – (Improvement) Now the system will save the information about the user who approved or denied a Credit Override. This information will be displayed on the Business Intelligence platform.
  • KS-16156 – (Improvement) The system will block the options on the Prebook screen as soon as the product is purchased.
  • KS-16135 – (Improvement) New filter added to the Inventory Summary tab: Ref #.
  • KS-15659 – (Improvement) Update on the Mass Allocation process of the Vendor Availability that allows the system to allocate the items in a smarter way.
  • KS-15972 – (Improvement) Now the Purchase Order reconciliation screen allows to search for information from a maximum range of 3 months prior to the current date.
  • KS-16059 – (Improvement) Price B added to the inventory.opernmarket.list API method.
  • KS-15969 – (Improvement) When an user is added to the system in two different accounts, the system will overwrite the existing information provided by the user. Also when an user is in multiple companies, it will only be classified as “owner” in a single one.
  • A few minor bugs and layout issues.

Thank you!


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