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Latest Features as of August 8th, 2017

Hi Everyone,

These are the latest features as of August 8th, 2017:

  • KS-20409 – (New Feature) There is a new option to update prices massively in the Inventory in Units – Pricing Screen. Users are able to update the lines listed on the grid, directly by price or applying a GPM to the current price.
  • KS-20541 – (Improvement) You can now request two new types of reports under the Prebook&So>Prebook Summary>Fulfillment View screen: Basic and Detailed. The detailed version will display additional information such Vendor, Sales Person and Customer names.
  • KS-20476 – (Improvement) Whenever a Prebook item contains both corporate and general tags, the line will have one blue tag (general) and one gray tag (corporate). This will apply in the Bulk Mode, Add Prebook and Prebook View Details screens.
  • KS-19491 – (Improvement) The system now shows the number of units available even if the line is in boxes.
  • KS-20516 – (Improvement) The Prebook’s Ship To will now be visible in Vendor Labels when the Print Customer Name setting is enabled regardless if the Prebook is Ship Via Warehouse or Ship Via Grower.
  • KS-20514 – (Improvement) Now the system will not allow to pay an order billed with a date higher than the payment date. Once you select a payment date in the Receive Payment screen, the system will filter orders billed until that date.
  • KS-20489 – (Improvement) Now the response from the payment.list API method can be filtered by Location ID.
  • KS-20543 – (Improvement) If the content within a box is partially sold, the remaining items will be available to be sold in units, in the Future Inventory tab in the Add Order screen. The setting Sell By Units must be enabled in order for the above to apply.
  • KS-20386 – (Improvement) A new option allows you to postpone individual items from the Prebook&SO>Prebook Summary>Allocation View screen. The user is able to add the exact date in the future to which the item must be postponed.
  • KS-20652 – (Improvement) A new field called Dimensional Weight was added to Setup>Box Dimensions that calculates this value with the formula L x H x W/6000.
  • KS-20044 – (Improvement) A new e-commerce markup was added at the customer level that allows you apply discounts or increases to the original price for e-commerce orders. This markup will overwrite any existing “Price B Markup” set for the Customer.
  • KS-20706 – (Fix) The e-commerce was improved to not show products that have negative aging.
  • Other minor bugs and fixes.

Please contact us with any questions.



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