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Latest Features as of December 13th, 2016

Hi All,

These are the latest updates on Komet Sales that were resolved last week and deployed yesterday. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • KS-17608 – (Improvement) Allows users to access the Business Intelligence through the A/R > Open Invoices. This only applies for users that have access to the BI platform.
  • KS-17758 – (Improvement) An additional field has been added to the invoice.list API method that allows users to get the date when the order was created.
  • KS-17627 – (Improvement) New Scanned filter added to the Excel report generated from the Inventory > Staging Area screen.
  • KS-17397 – (Improvement) New Shipment Report and Future Shipment Report added to the Order Summary and Prebook Summary screens (respectively). Learn more at the Knowledge Base: Shipment Report
  • KS-17629 – (Improvement) New Vendor Code column added to the Staging Area screen.
  • KS-17547 – (Improvement) Now the process to Confirm Shipments on the Grower > Confirm POs tab will do the same process as when the PO is confirmed entirely placing the product in a temporal AWB. In addition when it is Future Sales, the Prebook will be eliminated.
  • KS-17674 – (Improvement) Now users can access the Dashboard link on both levels of the Tracking > AWB Summary screen. This only applies for users that have access to the BI platform.
  • KS-17622 – (Improvement) The total balance will now be shown on the Aging / Statements grid.
  • KS-14144 – (New Feature) Adjustments to the Manage Ports and Vendor Shipping Schedule screens allows users to set the number of days on a per location basis, as well as the corresponding inbound carriers associated to each day. Learn more at the Knowledge Base: Shipping Schedule by Vendor
  • KS-17626 – (New Feature) New API method that allows external systems to modify the price of a Purchase Order (purchase.order.item.price.update).
  • KS-16654 – (New Feature) New filters have been added to the search on the QC screen: Customer, Mark Code, Truck Date From and Truck Date To. Custom Columns option has been added to the grid and also a new option to export the filtered information to a PDF report. Learn more at the Knowledge Base: How to add a QC inspection?
  • KS-17679 – (New Feature) New option in the Order Entry screen under the Add Items tab that allows salespeople to group vendors in the list of available items making the inventory much smaller. Learn more at the Knowledge Base: Creating a new invoice
  • KS-17233 – (New Feature) New option that allows users to hide the On Hand inventory on the E-commerce site. This can be managed in the E-commerce Settings. Learn more at the Knowledge Base: Configuring E-commerce settings
  • KS-17312 – (New Feature) The Price Override feature has also been implemented in the Future Sales (same as on the On Hand Inventory) to avoid salespeople to sell items at a lower price than the one previously established. Learn more at the Knowledge Base: Price Overrides
  • KS-14278 – (New Feature) The system will now send a notification to the salespeople either if the credits have been approved or rejected. Learn more at the Knowledge Base: How to issue a customer credit?
  • A few minor bugs and layout issues

Thank you!


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