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Latest Features as of December 18th, 2018

Hi All,


These are the most recent features on Komet Sales! If you have any questions, please contact our support team.


Salespeople Users

  • KS-22001 - (New Feature) The Credits process was improved so users can now create credits based on Invoices or Standalone Credits (not linked to Invoices).
  • KS-25809 - (Improvement) The credit.details.list API method was improved so the filters related to invoice date were replaced by creditDateFrom and creditDateTo input parameters.
  • KS-22087 - (Improvement) Users can now associate several credits to a single invoice and even to a single product line within an invoice, as long as the total of the credits does not exceed the total of the product line.
  • KS-21997 - (Improvements) The Credit Summary screen now displays the credit number (which differs now from the credit number), credit date (both as filter and columns). Also, the custom columns option has been added to this screen.

Accounting Users

  • KS-26213 - (New Feature) A new setting allows users to close/reopen accounting periods by Year and Month so no financial transactions (credits, invoices, payments) are carried out once an accounting period is closed.

Warehouse Users

  • KS-26404 - (New Feature) The system now allows sending shipping information by EDI for shipments through Florida Beauty.





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