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Latest Features as of December 6th, 2016

Hi All,

Below you’ll find the latest updates on Komet Sales that were resolved last week and deployed yesterday. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

  • KS-17614 – (Improvement) New “Procurement Status” field added to the Standing Order Summary screen.
  • KS-17578 – (Improvement) The vendor code has been added to the Pick Ticket.
  • KS-17581 – (Improvement) Fix applied to the Prebooks creation from excel. The system will now accept words written in lowercase or uppercase.
  • KS-17604 – (Improvement) Improvement in the Allocations View. The system will not display the Prebooks that are associated to either the Open Market or Future Sales accounts. Learn more at the Knowledge Base: Mass Allocation Process.
  • KS-17610 – (Improvement) Improvement to the Credit Override on the Order Entry screen: now the Why field is optional. Learn more at the Knowledge Base: Credit Limit Overrides.
  • KS-17662 – (Improvement) Improvements to the automatic process that generates the Purchase Orders from the Standing Orders. Learn more at the Knowledge Base: Creating a New Standing Order & Assigning Vendors and Costs to Standing Orders.
  • KS-17527 – (Improvement) New fields added to the existing inventory.add API method.
  • KS-14564 – (Improvement) New option added to the Vendor Setup that allows users to associate a Vendor to a Brand. The brands setting must be enabled. Learn more at the Knowledge Base: Vendors Brands.
  • KS-17303 – (Improvement) New setting on a per company basis that when enabled allows the system to separate In-Transit and On-Hand items. This option is available for the Allocations and Automatic Billing processes. Learn more at the Knowledge Base:
    Automatic Billing & Allocation Options.
  • KS-17624 – (Improvement) Overpayment information has been added to the Payment History PDF (same as on the Payment Details report).
  • KS-17613 – (Improvement) Ship To field added to the General Customer Information on the Order Entry screen.
  • KS-17663 – (Improvement) The Port of Origin has been added to the Future Open Market API method: future.inventory.openmarket.list
  • KS-17633 – (Improvement) The system will only allow to mark the boxes as received manually whenever they are already confirmed in the inventory. Learn more at the Knowledge Base: Tracking AWBs &
    Scanner Options.
  • KS-16744 – (Improvement) The total of stems and bunches that belong to an order will be added to the Pick Ticket report.
  • KS-17644 – (Improvement) When downloading the Aging Statements in the A/R tab, only the items reflected in that specific page will be downloaded, this will be the same information that will be sent by email. Learn more at the Knowledge Base: Aging and Statements.
  • KS-16872 – (New Feature) New option that allows to send inspection emails only to contacts marked as E-mail QC and Credits.
  • KS-17298 – (New Feature) New setting that when enabled, it allows users to identify which orders have still in-transit lines by displaying an airplane icon next to the customer name. Learn more at the Knowledge Base: Order Summary-Fulfillment View.
  • KS-17353 – (New Feature) Now users can find any setting needed in a faster way by clicking the Search Setting button or using the keyboard shortcut ‘S’. Learn more at the Knowledge Base: Search Settings.
  • A few minor bugs and layout issues.



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