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Latest Features as of February 14th, 2017

Hi All,

Below you’ll find the recent updates on Komet Sales that were resolved last week and deployed yesterday. If you have any questions please contact our support team!

  • KS-18530 – (Improvement) Changes on the way the system calculates the average price of Mixed Boxes from the Prebooks in Units.
  • KS-18314 – (Improvement) New option under the A/P > PO Reconciliation screen that lets users return a PO to Approved from the Syncronized status and Failed status.
  • A few minor bugs and layout issues.

I bet you’re thinking there are not enough releases this week… Well, we have an explanation! Because of the holiday we didn’t have many updates since we focused our attention in our user’s requirements during this tough season for the floral industry, but get ready for next week’s post which will be much more interesting!

Thank you and happy Valentine’s Day!


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